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Crypto Scam List – Last Updated: October 17, 2021

Below is a list of websites and organizations involved in fraudulent activities using cryptocurrency. It consists of Bitcoin scams, Cryptocurrency scams, fake ICO’s in addition to Forex crypto scams and different buying and selling corporations which are involved in fraudulent sports the usage of cryptocurrency.

This is the maximum complete Bitcoin scammer list to be had on-line. If you don’t find a particular organization and you think which you’ve been scammed please contact us with the aid of filling out the choices shape below and we’ll do our very exceptional to help right away.

The Crypto Scam listing is compiled via direct reporting. If you require greater data regarding crypto fraud or in case you would really like to report a rip-off. Contact us here.

NOTICE: Be aware about DogeCoin scams (DOGE). In current months, Dogecoin scam web sites have popped up in unfathomable numbers. To file a Dogecoin scam or inquire regarding one, touch us.

Many these days delivered coin scams have occured the usage of the equal or similar names to real tokens. It’s vital to confirm your case before concluding that the organisation or coin is fake.

Cryptocurrency Scam List – Alphabetically Ordered

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How do you discover if your Crypto dealer is a scam?

Contact us and we’ll assist you to know. We’ve followed, analyzed and investigated heaps of businesses figuring out who is a scam and who is legitimate. Help us help you and allow us to understand proper away if you’re suspicious of fraudulent interest.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to mention. We have visible cases where individuals were capable of recover their lost price range, however these situations are uncommon. We prepare a listing of strategies that human beings have used to get there cash returned (albeit can be difficult and no longer always a success). One issue is for positive, if a recuperation business enterprise or any man or woman tells you that they are able to recover your funds for an prematurely rate, BE AWARE, that is maximum probable a scammer looking to scam you once more.

Reporting a Scam

If you are having issue going thru the choices scam reporting procedure touch us right here and we’ll assist stroll you through the procedure.

Great list, now if I ought to simply get my money lower back.

Is it regular for a dealer to invite for a withdrawal fee earlier of receiving a payout of btc change profits? pfx-trades org, cactusjackexpresstrades com additionally do this, after saying there are not any extra expenses aside from commissions.

Absolutely not, those are both crypto scams.

thanks to Mr mason who helped me recover all my lost price range in Forex buying and selling such as my earnings, i used to be very silly idiot giving my tough earned cash to greedy and scammed brokers, but am so glad i met mason Luis a sincere man who helped me get better all my lost funds.

I rarely proportion my story with human beings, not most effective because it placed me at the lowest point ever however as it made me someone of ridicule amongst own family and buddies. I placed all I had into Binary Options ($690,000) after hearing first-rate memories approximately this new funding strategy. I became made to consider my investment would triple, it began exact and I got returns (no longer up to what I had invested). Gathered greater and worried a couple family participants, but I didn’t recognise I became putting myself up for the kill, in much less than no time all we had put ($820,000) changed into long past. I’ll by no means forget about this and would really like to spread recognition.

There is a mistake in the article! I determined to begin buying and selling with Hedgespots 4 months ago and I changed into able to growth my income with them! They’re professional, no rip-off instances were confirmed whilst I labored with their trading platform. They always respond on call for and in case you need to withdraw your money just comply with the instructions what they inform you and everything might be exceptional. I endorse Hedgespots. Thanks!

Is www. osnda-hk .com / COZFX Limited rip-off dealer? Thanks!

Yes, COZFX and Osnda-HK are faux web sites and groups.

Hello do You recognise something about the choices net web site Barexvip barexvip(dot)com/wap/#/pages/person/index

It doesn’t appear in the list but I have this doubt. Thank you

Yes, BareXVip is a scam web page and has been introduced to the scam listing.

i do now not recognise however right now i am spreading the word and trying my viable quality to present human beings the attention of this fraud so there might be much less sufferers, i used to be victimised and it harm badly. Any suspicious dealer or buying and selling platform or online investment, any troubles with them from the choices past or gift, investment loss and all. document to IVT cysec (dimitru at ivtcysec-recuperation,tech). Help lessen the choices victims of this fraud.

I pray that you will are looking for out a real way to make money without stealing it from others.

I got scammed with the aid of a broker recently it became tough to get a withdrawal after many tries. I needed to hire money back answer professional to get my cash lower back and it labored very thrilled with the choices effects

the way to pass the stability from ZFX Club to Binance software? I don’t understand how the method. I suppose I have been scammed by using Chinese. Please do assist me.

is autosparktradingplatfrom a rip-off ? please provde information why they are scam. thanks.

Is voskcoins this is based in the UK official?

Voskcoin ending in .co is rip-off.

am i able to realize if this reliable or rip-off brokers platinuminer

It’s a rip-off. It’s on the choices listing.

MAXNAB and NIBROFUNDS SHARE THE SAME ADDRESS. They WILL scam you from your cash. DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM. MYSELF, plus all my Referred individuals have lost their cash. STAY AWAY!!! BROADCAST YOUR EXPERIENCE ON ALL PLATFORMS ON THE INTERNET. I will share all screenshots of my debts as well as Communications with their Support team on the net!! STAY AWAY FROM NIBROFUNDS AND MAXNAB!!!

362liveoption Is this a authentic website

No, it’s a scam.

Take a observe DMST challenge. They claim large name partnerships (tencent, nvidia, rebel video games, nasdaq, and so forth.) however none are showed through the choices massive organisation. They don’t have any github and won’t even give a name of a developer to peer beyond paintings on github. The organisation is registered to a 22 year antique within the UK however the admin in the telegram chat stated this is the choices CEO’s assistant. Doing an airdrop but simplest if you have 50k of their coin. The list goes on.

is bitblender.european a scam?

Please upload Cashbitex from to this rip-off listing. That is the brand new call and website for the Bitschanger rip-off. They even proportion the choices same database, so if you register on one, you’re registered on the other. All of the pix and internet interface is likewise same. NOBODY FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

It’s been added. Thank you to your reporting.

Does everyone have any information on Coinstar ex com???

Hi There Someone of you trade with citex . io ? Is it a rip-off organization? Thanks Joao Sequeira

oaex vip is scam?

Please do NOT make any investment at smartchoicelegitimatefx and watched out for the choices scammer Jason Thomas who falsely claims to be part of the enterprise Smart Choice Legitimate FX.


I sent you an electronic mail, did you acquire it?

Is is a professional platform? is a BIG SCAM. Have lost a whole lot of cash there. They have humans on Instagram and Telegram who are seeking to make you invest with big earnings promises. CFXPrimes Investment is also a BIG SCAM. They are working collectively. They have also FAKE Portfolio Managers. One of them is on Linkedin. Please positioned them on the List.

Thortrading is a rip-off.

Coinbann is a scam cryptocurrency exchange. It seems to be targetting by and large asia/china customers. Been informed to make investments on it through a “so-called” investment analyst from China. They will make you be a part of binance and then switch litecoin to a pockets on coinbann. You can see buy/sell trades happening on the internet site. But whilst you wish to withdraw your capital, they will let you know to await 30th June 2021 when the platform might be formally listed. I even have made a search on the choices area, it’s been created on the choices thirtieth of March 2021 and on its internet site it says they are seven years old.

You noted alphacoin .io but is alphacoin .cc a scam? Is alphacoin a rip-off of a valid alphacoin .cc? They have a file indicating that they’re a respectable and registered organisation in the UK. This reminds me of Beurax can you shed some light on this for me?

I registered with Ethereum Trader and was taken to the WorldTradeCentre Web Trader platform. They requested for an preliminary deposit of $250 and a few days later asked a minimum of $5000 to exchange with the robot. They also ask which you to set up a Binance account to tranfer cash into. Is this a rip-off?

Coinbann. com es realmente una estafa?

Any information on cryptomineshop . com ? Are they official or simply some other rip-off website?

Thank you, (anoymous man or woman)

What about myminershop . com? Scam or professional? The cope with within the website online is shows a PostService in google maps.

Has every person heard about Beattex platform? Is it legitimate of a scam?

Hello ! please dont make investments to axis-business enterprise they’re big scammer

Yes Alphafunds is a rip-off.

Has anyone heard about 362fxoption platform? Is it legitimate of a rip-off?

It’s a scam.

they have modified their area call as “apoforex77 .com”

Do you mention cashfxgroup com is a scam? But I actually have a near pal who invests in it regularly now for over a month. And says she receives paid each week. What’s your tackle it, please?

Also, you listed Multiflex Group, is it similar to Multiflex-trade com?

I am told that that is authentic and would want a similarly opinion on it,

This is a scam enterprise.

i need to check if bittek trading is a secure trading site

Bittek Trading is a scam corporation.

is investobinary legit or a scam

Investobinary is a showed scam.

on eight/five/21 I become contacted by using Dwight Paul claiming to be the choices CEO of a enterprise known as Crypto FX Live Trade inviting me to make investments with him. I didn’t reply to him. Yesterday eight/17/21 I became contacted by using Mark Joel claiming to be the CEO of the choices equal precise company, Crypto FX Live Trade. Both times the choices organisation name that got here up on WhatsApp become Crypto Currency Live Trade. is this a scam organisation?



All those are same companies, have been coping with this business enterprise due to the fact that 2019 and discovered all of it hard way. btsave .io (Dec2019 – Feb2020) www. atlasfmi .com (Feb2020 – June2020) bluesave .io (June2020 – Sept2020) clearsave .io (Sept2020 – Jan2021) digitialcurrencymarkets .io (Jan2021 – April2021) dcmarket .io (April2021- May2021) www1. international-solution .io (May2021 – June2021) www. international-answers .io (June2021 – August2021)

So a ways my observations: • They hold changing their domains every three months. • They will offer you with faux files as proofs (portfolio, withdrawal contracts). Fake signatures, faux names, non existent adresses. • Most agents have fake names assigned to them with matching FCA numbers of widely known humans from the choices industry: Roger Thompson (FCA RMT1039), Jessica Barnes, John Price and and so on. Now seems they commenced to trade names extra frequently. • Then they’ll assign a new dealer to you around each 3-6 months. A new tale will help to empty more money from you • If you don’t deposit extra cash inside half of a yr, they may begin threaten you with “anti-cash laundering regulation” and “deactivation of your account”. • Once you request a withdrawal, they’ll bypass you to “Billing Department” and that’s in which complete amusing starts offevolved. You will want to make extra deposits: “coins drift register”, “reflective/reflect transactions” to get money back, then “bitcoin tax”, “custody tax” and whatever else. Basically they may wipe your earnings out of your bank account given a danger with a promise that you may obtain all your money the following day. • Eventually they may name you with a promise to return your preliminary funding. They will installation cold wallet Jaxx to your PC, you will transfer your personal cash from your warm crypto-wallet to bloodless pockets after which they’ll thieve your cash from your bloodless wallet even as the usage of your Any-table and distracting you from “their motion”.

Then you may start receiving suspicious calls from FCA, ESMA who are “conducting research” and they’ll help you “to go back money” with an rationale to make you “pay management charge in advance.”

Also (I’m not sure if its authentic, just my assumption): In order to hold this corporation jogging and sensitive records continue to be discrete, the corporation is split into “Brokers” and “Management/Billing branch”. It looks as if (at least appeared before), that some of these brokers have been truely involved that will help you to make money as their dwelling relies upon on fulfillment price, as in addition they regarded as an alternative expert and knowledgeable. It makes feel to multiply your cash for themselves, as a minimum their “Management”. But the way gadget is built is that when you want to withdraw cash, you may need to withdraw full sum (subsequently you assert good-bye in your broking and glaringly he’ll no longer want to lose you hence to start with will no longer need you to go). And then “Management/Billing Department” will in no way return you money and could try to drain the maximum money they are able to out of you.

Anyways, please, live faraway from this. Unfortunately these humans haven’t any Hearts. Do your due diligence and just stay far from anything that feels suspicious. I want I knew all this myself way earlier than, sadly had to study hard manner, agree with me. Stay far from a lot of these. AND INFORM OTHERS!

cryptovisiontoken (dot) org scammed thousands of people along with be. Cost me $2000