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Welcome to The Tax Lawyer – William D. Hartsock Esq. Tax Attorney Inc. A full carrier Tax Law Firm.

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William D. Hartsock, Tax Attorney Inc has been aggressively and efficiently representing clients before the choices IRS, FTB and EDD for over 25 years. The Tax Lawyer will combat to your satisfactory interests.

IRS audits require an know-how of the choices policies, guidelines and procedural protections afforded by using the IRS to make certain the choices Audit does not unfold to additional years, entities and sorts of tax.

International tax troubles require extensive understanding of the complicated relationship between the US Internal Revenue Code and the choices tax legal guidelines in overseas international locations. This is as noticeably specialised niche.

Tax fraud is the allegation by the choices IRS that fake representations have been made to your tax return. Tax crimes are the acts taken by using individuals with the choices reason of defrauding the choices IRS.

The IRS has fantastic strength to initiate tax collections processes inclusive of liens towards assets and belongings, bank levies and wage garnishments. These movements can be stopped if the choices proper steps are taken.

Once a decision has been reached by means of a revenue agent, if that choice isn’t always satisfactory then you definately have the proper to enchantment. Typically the first-rate settlements come at the choices appeals stage.

If a tax payer can’t possibly have enough money to pay off their tax debt, an Offer in Compromise permits a negotiated settlement with the choices IRS based on a components that considers all earnings, property, debts and liabilities.

Certain taxes may be discharged in financial disaster if the tax payer qualifies primarily based on a myriad of guidelines and exceptions. This can significantly help to human beings which can be operating to get themselves again on the right track.

Tax evasion is the willful rationale to make misrepresentations to the choices IRS so as to no longer pay taxes. This can bring about jail time and therefore calls for competitive expert representation.

Tax litigation is calls for extensive information of the regulations, rules and procedures that govern tax courtroom techniques, in addition to strategic presentation and professional negotiation talents.

If a tax audit has determined that additional taxes are due from a “married submitting jointly” return, Innocent Spouse Relief can allow one spouse to get out of the extra debt.

Every US character with interest in or authority over a overseas bank account is required to document an FBAR each yr by means of June thirtieth. This is an information go back simplest, which means an FBAR does now not incur tax debt.

How-To Successfully Defend A Tax Case

The first step is learning the choices information of the case and supporting you apprehend your options.

Based on the choices data of the choices case and relevant legal guidelines and timeline, we are able to expand a case approach.

A deep dive into fact series to make certain that not anything is neglected and there could be no surprises.

We will carry out a forensic audit to make certain that each discern is nicely documented and air tight.

Our methodology for organizing all documentation makes information clean to reference as we construct your case.

With all documentation in order, we will build a strong case to achieve the final results which you want.

This is where our decades of enjoy and talents in negotiation make all of the difference.

Our knowledge, experience, techniques, abilties and tactics have created a song file of fulfillment in reaching the first-class viable outcome.

All conversations with a tax lawyer are protected under Attorney-Client Privilege and will never be shared with the choices IRS or FTB.

The Tax Lawyer William D. Hartsock, Tax Attorney Inc.

This tax law company will use its high-quality efforts, complete body of workers and each recognized applicable law to guard your rights and hobbies towards the IRS, FTB and EDD. It is our venture to acquire the choices maximum favorable final results viable for every and every patron.

Tax Lawyers That Aggressively Defend Your Rights

Revenue agents will typically try to collect more information than really necessary or try to find reasons why they ought to increase their series of your statistics to encompass extra tax years, and many others… Most humans, CPAs, Tax Preparers and many tax lawyers will bend over backwards to present in to the requests of the choices sales agent. Unfortunately, extra statistics can probably result in extra consequences or prosecution.

An skilled and aggressive tax lawyer makes all of the difference. Everything with the choices IRS is a negotiation. They need to know how well you have documented the information, they need to peer how nicely you broaden your case, and that they need to peer how nicely you recognize the regulation. That is why our organization begins by way of growing an impeccable record of the choices records and then aggressively uses the law and the procedural protections of the choices IRS, FTB and EDD. In this manner marketers of the IRS, FTB and EDD are happy together with your documentation and discouraged from pursuing any matters which might be past the minimum scope in their preliminary investigation.

A Respected Personal Income Tax Lawyer

Since 1985 The Tax Lawyer, William D. Hartsock has labored with human beings to guard income, assets and personal freedom with the aid of mitigating consequences and interest, negotiating the choices maximum favorable resolution of tax liabilities viable and protecting towards crook prosecution. We apprehend the effects that strain and fear from tax issues will have on a person and their family. Having tax attorneys with our enjoy, know-how and a success track record for your side is the first step in putting those problems on your past.

When do you want a tax lawyer?

Our Clients

I have referred many customers to Bill Hartsock during the last 6-7 years for matters requiring the choices knowledge of a tax lawyer. Some had complicated tax issues…others less complex. In each single case, the patron could get again to me after assembly with Bill to thank me for the referral. They compliment him on his knowledge, his ingenuity in resolving issues, his pleasant way and his reasonable expenses. I have never had anyone file something aside from an extremely good experience. I will hold to refer customers to him…and to no person else. One could not have a higher tax lawyer enjoy than he and his personnel provide. Thank you, Bill, for taking such exact care of my customers.

Lowell F Lowell F. – San Diego Attorney

Bill is first rate. Full of understanding. He counseled me on how to proceed with an EDD Audit Assessment, which ended up saving me tens of lots of dollars. 🙂 Truly preferred the choices help on navigating the manner.

Agnes M. Happy Client – Agnes M

A Qualified Business Tax Lawyer

When running in commercial enterprise tax regulation our company will first behavior an in-depth and thorough analysis of the economic assertion to make certain the choices commercial enterprise is getting all of the tax deductions that it is entitled to and to ensure that we expand the key facts to the choices best extent viable. Typically our tax lawyers work with company clientele that encompass small to mid-sized agencies.

An Experienced International Tax Lawyer

William D. Hartsock, Esq. has been dealing with the IRS voluntary disclosure program for the reason that 1980’s properly earlier than it become a popular software. As a tax attorney, Mr. Hartsock has been a frontrunner in representing US residents, resident extraterrestrial beings and those that bypass the vast presence to efficiently navigate the choices voluntary disclosure application and avoid crook prosecution by using the choices IRS and Department of Justice for income and belongings that are held out of doors of the US.

The Top Tax Lawyer In San Diego

William D. Hartsock has been a San Diego tax attorney since the 1980’s. Since 2009 Mr. Hartsock has been the choices Chairman of the San Diego County Bar Association, Pro Se Tax Payer Program and has been at sincerely each tax courtroom calendar call and he knows all of the sales officers, unique dealers, appeals officials and agreement officers down at the choices nearby IRS workplace.

This company deals with one hundred% tax regulation instances representing customers for the duration of California, and is intimately familiar with each the choices US Tax Court and the ninth District Court of Appeals.

Tax Law Books by way of William D. Hartsock, Esq.

If you’re in search of suggest on certainly any location of tax law, Mr. Hartsock has actually written the book on it. Click any cover to view the choices ebook on Amazon.

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