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AutoCad keeps crashing after loading a record.

I do IT paintings and have by no means used autoCAD however one among our personnel is the use of it quite considerably for some time. He brought it to me and it’s going to load a report about 19MB in size and open it. You can zoom inside and out circulate across the drawing however after you click on on any of the buttons at the pinnacle (ex. Home button or even the assist button) then it’s going to crash. I have accomplished a restore, a rebuild and uninstalled and reinstalled. I can get it to work once if I reload all default settings from out of doors the choices program it’s going to open a new document and paintings, however as quickly as I load a record or close it and open up a clean drawing it’s going to crash whilst urgent any of the buttons. 

Im misplaced right here im guessing it’s far a config file or a script that continues reloading itself. 

AutoCad 2013 SP2 on a win7 64bit I7-4712, 16GB, Quadro k1100m

I actually have tested it with multiple documents massive and small and it’ll crash with a new document also. I just reset the choices configuration and it loaded CAD with the blank undertaking. I I may want to navigate across the settings just nice then left it sitting for approximately 5 min got here lower back and hit the home button and it crashed. So it isn’t the CAD file themselves but the software this is causing the choices crash 

I found a log document for crashes

Fatal Error : Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at d440a6fdh

Can you take a look at to look if it behaves well through having the choices user turn off Hardware Acceleration in GRPAHICSCONFIG?

If that works, I advise locating a newer pix card motive force. Here is one that is probably well worth trying.

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I simply downloaded the newest video driving force from nivida identical error on the vintage driver and the brand new. The laptop changed into running extremely good for the beyond few months equal config the only factor that i’ve located exclusive is one of the other tech stated they up to date the bluetooth driving force some weeks ago im no longer certain how that might crash CAD.

I just downloaded the choices latest video driver from nivida same errors on the choices antique driver and the brand new. The laptop become running outstanding for the choices beyond few months identical config the handiest component that i’ve observed distinctive is one of the other tech stated they updated the choices bluetooth driver a few weeks ago im no longer sure how that might crash CAD.

Can you attach certainly one of your files for me to strive?

Also, I advocate you carry out a diagnostic startup to look if turning off everything else fixes the hassle. If it does then we are able to try to isolate which software is conflicting.

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I probably will not be able to add the CAD Drawings as they are probable now not for public release (Not sure they are now not my drawings) however I fantastically doubt it’s far the choices drawings as they work on anyone else within the organization and I can open a blank undertaking and It will nonetheless crash. 

1. Open up AutoCad into a blank assignment. 

2. I can zoom around and flow across the clean undertaking.

3. As quickly as I click on any button within the toolbar it crashes. 

4. (Log it is storing blunders codes : Fatal Error Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception d0eea6fdh)

five. restore AutoCad settings to default 

6. It routinely hundreds into the choices clean mission. 

7. I can pass around the toolbar menus for a time period, maybe 5-10 min then it’ll crash while urgent a button after the choices five-10min

8. I can load in a drawing from the choices blank mission and it’ll crash as soon as I hit a button. 

I changed into now not able to start autocad in safe mode it would show the choices loading display screen then near and nothing could occur. Im guessing it disabled the Nivida GPU and the choices builtin didnt have enough RAM to load. 

I disabled approximately half of the choices offerings manually and now I can load in the big 19MB file and I can get about 5 min of operation moving round menus interacting with the choices drawing earlier than it will crash. So it’s miles a start

Can you please try a Reset Settings to Default in your AutoCAD? I would really like to look if that allows AutoCAD to  behave higher.

It does sound although as if this could be part of your device and other applications no longer leaving sufficient sources. A diagnostic Startup with the entirety grew to become off would be a good take a look at.

When the software crashes doe it can help you ship in a Crash Report? If so, please send me the quantity or the email it would get submitted by means of send thru PM)

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The reset settings to default is the choices most effective way I ought to get it to work before I removed 1/2 of the startup services.

But regardless of reseting the choices settings to default it changed into simplest a temporary repair as it might crash approximately 5-10min later.

Now with half of of the choices offerings disabled it’ll load a file an you can interact with it for approximately five-10min then it will crash so we’re going within the right path.

The person took their computer with them so i will no longer have access to it for the following few days however I will send you the choices crash file data once I get my fingers on it again.

Thanks for the choices help.  

We have two Windows 10 laptops strolling 2012 LT which have lately been experiencing the precise identical issue. When we reset the settings AutoCAD will open and work however after some time it’ll crash again.

I’ve connected the choices logfiles from a crash from these days. Hoping a person may be able to assist with this.

When acquiring the choices logfiles from the choices Windows temp folder, I noticed there has been also a Crypto logfile from across the equal time as the choices autoCAD logfiles which when you open says:

2017/07/28 16:fifty three:forty one (INFO) Crypt: Crypto item is instantiated2017/07/28 sixteen:fifty three:41 (INFO) Crypt: Initialized

Not certain if this is related.

Sorry if this is years past due

But I’m having a similar trouble of no longer being able to import photographs from my samsung s7 tablet gallery. It would say “Files Keep Stopping”. 

I went to my gallery and clicked on the choices image. I shared the choices photo to Autodesk and the image routinely copied itself to the layer. 

Hopefully sharing the choices image to Autodesk in preference to failing to add without delay from the choices app might work. 

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