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I just commenced to get my palms grimy with C/C++, and I am still getting my head across the one of a kind standards (I’ve written more often than not Java formerly). I’d certainly want to understand which C/C++ compiler is used and also which general library is blanketed. Also, I’d want to recognise wherein I can find the choices API documentation of the respective trendy library (just like the Java SE API docs).

I’m now not an XCode person, but it appears to be Apple’s LLVM Compiler (by using default) in keeping with Apple’s website: But, I guess, like every other IDE XCode does assist different compilers like GCC. Also depends on your XCode version it appears:

Here’s a query in SO that asks approximately the default compiler and the solution seems to have the code to discover simply that: In Xcode four.five, what’s “Compiler Default” for “C++ Standard Library” and “C++ Language Dialect”?

According to this submit four.6 makes use of clang instead of GCC for C++:

P.S.: Googling does help 😉

Xcode four.6.2 uses the choices Clang C++ compiler frontend with LLVM as backend that’s conform to the C++11 standart and uses libc++ as the standart library.

Here you can finde a apple presentation approximately libc++.

I just noticed the second half of of the choices query turned into in no way genuinely responded:

… I’d like to realize where I can find the choices API documentation of the respective general library …

A easy Google search will reveal a wealth of statistics approximately this. Do observe, but, that the “C++ Standard Library” isn’t the choices same component as the “C Standard Library,” so be cautious of that once searching and analyzing. C++ has its roots in C, but the have diverged to turn out to be separate languages that proportion plenty of commonality — and a lot of hidden variations.

There is a great on line reference for the choices library at

If you’re inquisitive about specifics of the choices LLVM implementation used by Apple’s Xcode, see .

For a complete listing of the choices most noticeably advocated books and references for C++, Stack Overflow already has a superb FAQ regarding this: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List.

how to use

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