Omg crypto reddit

omg crypto reddit omg crypto reddit

I figured I would permit everybody understand that I'm a dumbass and bought OMG shitcoin at $15. Yes, $15. Not $1.50, but $15.00. And now this shitcoin receives indexed on Coinbase and the choices plebs pile in as it's new and bright and it's going to CHANGE THE WORLD!!. I think I'm a bit bit bitter, but whatevs. The bottom line is, don't be like me. Good success to you all!

Bought [email protected] and sold it 1.50

Used my earnings to buy a carne asada burrito. Hands down, my finest altcoin alternate.

That's the dream proper there,

I consider having 10 greenbacks in alternate left over on Bittrex and throwing it at OMG whilst it turned into a dollar. Sold it whilst it went to 10, I notion I was some buying and selling god. Ahh 2017, the best ole days.

Lucky….. Iove carne asada

How can humans nevertheless doubt crypto with fulfillment stories like this!?

i put a restrict on coinbase and were given it stuffed at the bottom of a wick for 1.12, bought when it changed into up on btc 20% this morning, later it became up greater >.< should have had 2 burritos

I bought OMG at across the equivalent of 35$. It become on UPBIT so the choices fiat became the krw, so it changed into around 35usd.

Was I barely dumb? Nope. The market became going bananas and it appeared as although OMG had a few upside to it for a fast alternate.

But I didn't hold it. I bought it for some percentage loss while the choices marketplace started to sour.

You are not an idiot for getting OMG.

YOU ARE AN IDIOT for hodling OMG all the way down. Same goes for some other coin.

Yeah, you're in all likelihood proper. In my protection, once you lose over 90%, fuck it, let it experience. No factor in selling. I'd as a substitute lose 100% than ninety%. I'm STUPID, what can I say?

Holy shit I actually have 2,000 OMG I bought for $.91 a couple years in the past! Hope it maintains going up.

Hope you didn't drop it earlier than these days

Whew guy. Pre 2017 bubble or after?

Holy shit I hope you had a sell order in at the choices $four mark otherwise its going back down….

Is it honestly any assignment's fault that it turned into massively overvalued by means of a naive, speculative market, though? You should make this identical argument about any of the choices darlings of early 2018. Since then they've all carried the choices albatross of their ATH around their necks, been derided as shitcoins, and so on. But the choices truth is that OMG (or any comparable mission) is better nowadays, at $1.50, than it changed into 2 years ago. Not necessarily correct, not always guaranteed to prevail, but two years of ongoing development higher than the issue that this equal market notion changed into worth $35 (or something).

Most people made a few stupid selections in 2018. I don't think we ought to deride OMG or any other assignment because we concept they were well worth what we paid.

I changed into also one of these men that sold round 6$. I don’t forget the moon news of using OMG token at a few McDonalds in like Thailand or someplace like that. Mooned the shit out of OMG and turned into a incredible ride. Reality set in and right here we’re.

3 years later, I don't see any motive to buy OMG token. Good luck to them and the price platform they’re growing, but I might a great deal as an alternative very own Ethereum or Tezos.

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